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Born of Shadows and Magic Anthology

The past few weeks have been EXHAUSTING but still pretty exciting. I transitioned the triplets into little beds around a week ago, after I found Adir hanging off the side of the crib, moments before he fell.

Luckily, I caught him before he hit the floor (he isn't as agile as Nadav and Ilay, but it was a close call. That was really what prompted me to make the change. It took some time, but they are finally adjusted and not getting out of their beds every second to run around.

Which gives me to time finally get back to writing. Let's just say I have officially FAILED NaNoWriMo.

I'm currently working on two projects.

Dangerous Desires will be part of the Born of Shadows and Magic anthology that releases on May 3rd, and we are doing a best seller run, so every pre-order counts! It's only .99c! :)

I have a new cover artist working on the cover for Dangerous Desires, so I'll make sure to send that in my next newsletter. It's the same designer who made the cover for Twisted Fate.

All of the authors who are participating in the anthology are given tasks to handle/manage, and I am in charge of the Tiktok and Instagram accounts. I just set them up and am working on creating some pretty consistent content.

DD is about the daughter of two Arch Angels who send her to Hell posing as a "Fallen" to participate in the bridal trials for Lucifer. She is instructed to find the one weapon that can kill him, and take him out... for good.

The only problem is that he's insanely attractive, possessive, and has no intention of letting her slip through his fingers.

What do you think? How does it sound?

I'm still working on a real blurb - honestly, the worst part of the writing process, I'm not even lying - but hopefully that'll be done soon :)

Look!!! If you follow me on instagram you already know about this little beauty, but GAHHH! I love the absolute crap out of this.

Badass heroines are my jam, so I decided to celebrate my female MCs by getting a sword tattoo. My kids think it's an airplane, which is honestly fucking hilarious.

The Assassin's Daughter is going through a kindle countdown deal right now! Starts at .99c, and goes up each day until it returns to the regular price. Don't miss out :)

Happy reading

- Shana <3

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