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About Shana Vernon

Shana Vernon is a full-time writer and mother of triplet boys. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and moved to Israel in 2012. She completed an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences from Bar Ilan University. 

Shana fell in love with reading as a child by escaping into the fantasy lands of Hogwarts and Narnia.​

When she isn’t writing or taking care of her kiddos, Shana spends her time reading, exercising, experimenting with cooking, or traveling around the world.


February 1st, 2023

Hidden Magic

He betrayed me.
Now he’s trying to win me back.

Everything was going just fine… I spent my days tattooing magical designs on my supernatural clientele and my nights either drinking wine and watching movies with my friends or tangled between the sheets with a certain lethally sexy, dark prince.

That was until he leaked the secret we discovered about my blood.
Now, the coven leaders are after me with a vengeance.

Keiran swears he can explain his betrayal, but can I put my trust in him again?

Fate seems to throw us together at every turn, but pushing him aside is pointless - the fire between us burns brighter with each passing day, and I know I can't resist him much longer.

If I don't figure out a way to stop this witch hunt, I'm likely to burn.

Hidden Magic.jpg

Recent Releases

Dangerous Desires Cover copy.jpeg

August 23, 2022

Dangerous Desires

I'm the daughter of two powerful Archangels - yay me. So, let's just say the expectations are high, and when I'm caught partaking in one of the worst sins - lust - I'm sent on an impossible mission. 

They want me to join the Bride Trials in Hell to become the Queen of the most ruthless Demon King out there - Lucifer. 

They say there's only one weapon that can vanquish him. A weapon the angels except me to find and use against him. 

Cross your fingers and pray I can get in and out without Lucifer figuring out what I'm up to, because the minute I see him I know more than my life is at stake, my heart is too.

Hell hath no fury like Lucifer scorned.

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