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About Shana Vernon

Shana Vernon is an enchantress of paranormal romance and fantasy, infusing her captivating tales with magic, love, and a touch of motherhood. As a skilled freelance content writer, she also explores the realms of hi-tech, blending enchantment with technology.

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Shana embarked on a transformative journey to Israel, where she draws inspiration from captivating series and sagas. With an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences, her stories are imbued with otherworldly charm.

When not lost in her own creations or crafting words of hi-tech marvel, Shana embraces the joys of motherhood, raises her mischievous trio of apprentices, immerses herself in literature, and embarks on extraordinary adventures worldwide.


Recent Release

She’s a witch with a target on her back…
… He’s a prince from a powerful dark coven.
Can she accept his help while denying the sizzling chemistry between them?

I should have known my life would come crashing down when I met a mysterious masked man in the gardens of the ball, and kissed him. Or rather… he kissed me. Passionately. Before I had a second to catch my breath, we were attacked by rogue witches.

And his mask slipped.

Only my luck would reveal the prince of the Hawthorn coven, notorious for dark magic. He offers his protection from the assailants, and with danger around every corner, I accept, albeit a bit ungraciously.

The heat between us is nearly irresistible, but can I truly trust the prince of a dark coven?

If I don’t, I might find myself dead before the week is over.

Book cover for 'Hidden Magic' showing a brunette woman with tattoos, representing a witch. She is surrounded by swirling magenta magic.

The Hybrid Chronicles

Legacy of the Witch

Heirs of Elaerys

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