Shana Vernon is a full-time writer and mother of triplet boys. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and moved to Israel in 2012.

She completed an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences from Bar Ilan University. 

Shana fell in love with reading as a child by escaping into the fantasy lands of Hogwarts and Narnia.​

When she isn’t writing or taking care of her kiddos, Shana spends her time reading, exercising, experimenting with cooking, or traveling around the world.


The Assassin's Crown

An Assassin hunted.
Can she pick up the crown and unite her allies against a bigger threat?
Or will she succumb to the pressure and allow her enemies to win?

I've finally avenged Papa's death, but I was wrong in assuming my mission was over. 
We found the hybrid the Guild has been searching for, but she brings more questions than answers. 
Especially when vampires start dropping dead like flies and rogue assassins are still after us. 
We must risk our safety by splitting up to search for alliances in the unlikeliest of places.
To make matters worse, I'm betrayed by someone close to me and captured by the enemy. 
The Benefactor has finally come out of the shadows and shown their true identity, but the shocking revelation is almost more than I can handle.  
The only way forward is to unite our people and hope we stay alive long enough to win the battle.

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