The Assassin's Daughter

An Assassin with a deadly secret.

Keeping it hidden could lead to everything she's been searching for. 

discovery would lead to certain death. 

I've been hiding from the Guild since I was born.
If they knew about my magic, they would kill me in a heartbeat.
I should be avoiding them, but instead, I enter the Guild as a regular human recruit.
Papa went missing after a mission, and I need answers.
I realize I might have bitten off more than I can chew when my new instructor is the guy I kissed a few months before.
It doesn't seem like Cade recognizes me without my disguise, but if he does and blows the whistle, I'm as good as dead and so is Papa.

- COMING Sept 2021 -

Of Shadow And Ember

Fire is in her blood. 

The four kingdoms of Elaerys have been at war for as long as Arianna Soleil can remember. She is the third child of the King and Queen of Kalamia - The spare. Arianna is the crown's Sentinel - a position that requires her to investigate and remove threats to the throne. 

One night, under the cover of darkness, a strange beast attacks and kills her love, leaving Arianna scarred - inside and out. Arianna uses her position as Sentinel to search for answers but comes up empty. That is until a half-mad seer points her toward the northern kingdom of Vale, assuring Arianna that's where she'll find answers. When Arianna returns home with the news, the King and Queen agree to send her to Vale - but not for the reason she thinks. In an effort to end the war and secure an alliance, she has been betrothed to the heir of Vale.

With her original motives in mind, Arianna travels to Vale to fulfil her parent's promise to marry the prince. She isn't sure what to expect when she arrives, but her new husband brings about a shocking surprise. It seems her new husband is just as disgruntled by their union as Arianna is, but his mysterious and arrogant behavior is the least of her worries. The Kingdom of Vale has been keeping secrets, and Arianna must choose where her allegiances align. In the past with her lost love and her vengeance, or with the prince and Vale?

If you like books by Sarah. J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Laura Thalassa, and Holly Black, you'll love this adult fae series.


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